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The Best Deals on the 2016 Best Cars for Families

The Best Deals on the 2016 Best Cars for Families

Aug 28 ,2019

GLF Shopping Mall

We finished the shipment of this project on the end of Feb,2018.  We would like share something when the

our customer come to inspect the quality.

During this inspection,we cooperate with our customer in any reasonable request. We accord to general drawing to check one zone by one zone.  Any problem on tile,we do the remark and take photo first.  After we replace new one or do the repair floor tile.  In case any misunderstand,we do the inspection report to customer. They can see very clear the change after we solve the problem on marble stone tile.

Because marble is natural stone,we can not avoid the problem of surface,after the explanation and our customer can accept it.

Through all staff effort, we pass the inspection and the customer also satisfy the ability of solve the problem.

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